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Goodwill Caravan helps vulnerable refugee families, orphans, and unaccompanied children, many of whom are at risk of abuse, human trafficking, and even kidnapping for the organ trade, particularly if left in detention centers, prisons, or homeless when they arrive in the Greek islands. We provide them with the support they require to become self-sustaining functional members of society.

Emergency Response

Goodwill Caravan recognise the need to support the most basic essentials for people already living in desperate situations

  • Bulk aid distribution
  • Medical response
  • Accompaniment bus service to hospitals
  • Shelter support

Legal aid support

Goodwill Caravan offer humanitarian legal aid to vulnerable refugees and displaced populations. We empower and give access to basic rights for refugees to rebuild their lives and the lives of their families

  • Detention release cases
  • Family reunification
  • Asylum case support
  • Accompaniment Bus Service to legal services.

Access to the job market

We provide a range of vocational and educational classes to help vulnerable displaced populations increase their employability and help attain financial security for their families and refer them to other employers.

  • Language classes
  • Employment support
  • Female empowerment classes


Goodwill Caravan focuses on post-arrival support to ensure that the families and unaccompanied minors are equipped with the knowledge they need to start their new lives.

  • Youth mentoring
  • Family support
  • Psycho/social support
  • Interpretation and mediation


Goodwill Caravan understands the importance of advocacy and helping to transform policies and services to refugees and displaced populations.

Through our networks and working closely with other organisations, we aim to bring light to the issues that refugees and displaced populations experience.

COVID-19 update

Just like the rest of the world we too have felt the harsh effects of the global pandemic, but the refugees we serve have perhaps suffered more than most. Not only is there the risk of disease, but also the reduction in their ability to access crucial services due to the measures in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19. We, like other NGOs, have seen huge cuts in our funding and this has inevitably had an impact on the ground in Greece.

However we are also very proud of how our team has adapted and found new ways of working, so that we can carry on helping the most vulnerable, in the face of this global health crisis. Our aid distributions, education classes, legal and medical services have all carried on, albeit with alterations in place to protect both staff and refugees.


 Family reunification

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 Emergency Shelter

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Medical Response

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