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Because every child deserves hope & a future

Goodwill Caravan is a non-profit humanitarian charity that covers protection projects including emergency aid distributions, sheltering the most vulnerable, and legal and medical support for refugees and vulnerable populations in the UK and Greece. We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (registration no 1176314).

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homes due to war and persecution in the hope of finding the safety and a better life for themselves and their families. Instead what they found was human trafficking, abductions, detention, homelessness, abuse, and even death.

Goodwill Caravan supports thousands of refugees and vulnerable groups on the journey to a better life, through our anti-trafficking protection projects. We focus particularly on refugee families, orphans, detained and unaccompanied children who are at the highest risk of trafficking and kidnappings, including for the organ trade.

Goodwill Caravan empowers the vulnerable populations we support by giving them the skills they will need to become fully functional members of their new societies, whether that is in Greece or other European countries they are relocated to. In doing so we aim to alleviate the burden on already overstretched public services.


Identify the vulnerable

We work directly with vulnerable refugees such as pregnant women, infants and those with disabilities who live on the streets or in camps where children may be at risk.


Provide emergency services

This may include temporary accommodation, food and water, free medical attention, as well as any legal support they may need such as detention release or asylum applications.


Helping integrate

We then support our beneficiaries to integrate and find employment. We facilitate access to free language classes, as well as vocational and educational classes that can increase employability. We focus on female empowerment and aid women to become financially independent.



Respect for human

Kindness and


Hanan Ashegh

Founder of Goodwill Caravan

A mental health practitioner, a published Neuroscience researcher, a mother and a humanitarian. Hanan has in-depth experience in providing aid during the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe since 2015. Her humanitarian response work started with mass aid distributions and asylum support for refugee families in the Calais Jungle in 2015-2016.

Hanan volunteered for over a year as an interpreter and care worker for unaccompanied children and minors stuck in the Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais before moving onto humanitarian work in Greece. Hanan founded Goodwill Caravan in 2015 as a response to news reports of the atrocities taking place in Syria and adjoining war-torn countries, and also of missing unaccompanied children in refugee camps in Europe.

Initially, this began with bulk aid distributions, but has grown into protection anti-trafficking services for the most vulnerable displaced populations in Europe and beyond. Hanan then moved on to register Goodwill Caravan Greece and UK in 2017 and slowly gained a team of humanitarians that built what is known today as Goodwill Caravan emergency assistance humanitarian projects in multiple global hotspot locations.

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