Goodwill Caravan Ramadan Campaign

Shoulder to Shoulder this Ramadan

Recognizing the immense need for assistance, we have made the decision to allocate 80% of our Ramadan funds directly to support Palestinian families and provide essential aid to those affected. This allocation will ensure that our resources are directed where they are most urgently required, helping to alleviate suffering and provide vital support.

However, we also acknowledge that crises extend beyond borders, affecting our fellow Brothers and Sisters in neighboring regions. Therefore, we have allocated the remaining 20% of our funds to assist those in desperate need in Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Greece. By extending our support to these areas, we aim to provide aid to those who are similarly facing immense challenges and hardships.

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

Join Goodwill Caravan in feeding , sheltering and supporting with medical and education assistance for our target goal of 5000 families and displaced people this Ramadan.

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

A Lasting Impact

The past five years have brought challenging times to our doorsteps. We’ve endured a global pandemic, quarantine, climate change, global economy fluctuations, wars closer and farther from home; and all the while wondering what kind of world, we are leaving our children and loved ones in.

What the pandemic did achieve is that it brought us all together to fight an invisible common enemy for our survival, and it encouraged us to have more of a sense of community.

What the pandemic also gave us was a general uneasy sense of instability and uncertainty. However, what we are certain of is that human necessities like water, food, shelter and education are basic human rights wherever we reside, and whatever nationality we are born into. When these human rights are stripped away from us by wars, persecution, poverty and forced displacement thousands of people find themselves with no other choice but to hide or flee from imminent danger or persecution.

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

A Month Of Charity

Throughout our history it is moments like this that instigate global mobilisations of tens of thousands of people that stand united for humanity, shoulder to shoulder to defend vulnerable peoples’ basic human rights. Whether we work to assist with disaster relief, child protection or more long term development programmes we all choose to act and help.

For Muslims around the world, the month of Ramadan represents a time of peace and reflection, empathy towards those less fortunate and the impoverished, it is a month of remembering to be kind and patient with others, and above all else it is a month of increasing the giving of charity.

“Those who in charity spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their re-ward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”.[Qur’an 2:274]

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

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