Feed refugee families this

EID AL-ADHA (Qurbani)


Goodwill Caravan

 Help bring a smile to a refugee child’s face this EID AL-ADHA. Give a parent the opportunity to feed their child a nutritious meal for Eid.

Refugees wait for EID AL-ADHA with hope, as they know generosity follows and their families can have a healthy meal that contains meat.

Even though they are drowning in sorrow from the trauma they have endured from war, displacement and loss, they are reminded that people care about them, and in that instant they allow themselves to have a momentary sigh of hope.

We have a certified Halal butcher with a hygiene certificate who has a farm, and the meat is divided into kilos and distributed to the most vulnerable refugees. 

We also collect Sadaqa for Eid and all year round. This goes towards the essential needs of homeless refugees. We provide the following services all year round: emergency shelter, food packs, hygiene packs, aid, medical support, legal assistance for asylum cases, transport from remote camps, education and so much more.

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