Access to the job market

We provide a range of vocational and educational classes to help vulnerable displaced populations increase their employability and help attain financial security for their families and refer them to other employers.

Educational classes 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Gandhi. 

We offer a range of vocational and educational courses that help change lives. Our educational classes range from English to IT skills, all of which aim to increase the employability of refugees in Greece. Our most popular course is our English classes which are all taught by CELT certified teachers. We aim to get the top-performing students official certificates that they can use when applying for jobs. 

For any exceptional students who want to continue with their education, we offer the chance to apply for scholarships to universities in Athens. 

COVID-19 update

Our English classes are currently taking place online. 

Female empowerment / vocational training

Our vocational training supports refugees to integrate and become financially independent. Following consultation, Goodwill Caravan is now starting projects designed for vulnerable refugees to enable them to build their own businesses, providing them with longer term financial security and a sense of independence and self-reliance. 

We particularly focus on female empowerment and through classes such as knitting, jewelry design, hairdressing, and beauty, we support women in creating an income for themselves. We support them to sell their products and reinvest this money in these women and the project overall. 

Employment support

According to UN agencies, Greece hosts about 120,000 refugees. But just 10 percent of those in Greece have jobs. Refugees in Greece receive no orientation or training support from the state. The more refugees that move from the Greek islands to mainland Greece, the fewer jobs available to them. In addition, asylum seekers face further obstacles to opening bank accounts, including those needed in order to receive a salary.

Goodwill Caravan offers a complete package of care for refugees, which is unique in that no other NGO is currently providing this in Greece. Our Sallam Centre will provide much needed support for refugee job seekers who might have the skills, willingness and power to work but lack the legal and technical knowledge about how to search, apply and get a job in their new home. 

Starting with legal support, we provide a broad range of services that help our asylum seeker and refugee clients to navigate the legal process required to obtain refugee status, and to then access and maintain their civil, economic, social and cultural rights.

Once they are legally recognised as refugees and can work in Greece, we support our beneficiaries to upskill themselves through intensive short courses. These include language classes, IT classes and Greek informational classes. 

We also offer vocational courses focusing on female empowerment, providing single mothers or vulnerable women with skills that they can use to make an income. Previous courses have focused on crochet, jewellery making, hair and beauty etc. Goodwill Caravan supports these initiatives by selling the hand-made products and reinvesting the proceeds back into the project and the women involved.

Once they have the skills and knowledge required in Greece, our employment specialists provide CV writing and job seekers support.