In recent years, the world has seen countless stories of families torn apart by conflict and war. This post highlights one such story, but it is also a story of hope, resilience, and the power of kindness.

Amer and Elham held hands tightly as their parents carried them across the Syrian border, desperately searching for safety. After years of conflict had torn apart their home, there was only one path left to take – a journey that would be fraught with danger and uncertainty. Their family made a desperate attempt to cross the border into Greece from Turkey, hoping to find safety and a better life. Amidst the confusion and fear of the moment, the siblings and their father were separated from their mother who was forced to stay behind in Turkey.

Almost a year has passed and, while Amer and Elham continued to wait for news about their mother, they have made the most of their time in Athens. Despite the difficult circumstances, they never lost their love for learning and with the help of Goodwill Caravan, they were able to attend school. The clothes and school supplies provided by GWC has helped to give them a sense of normalcy and allowed them to focus on their studies.

They’ve made friends at school, and although they missed their mother dearly, they’ve learned to adjust to their new life in Athens. They have always been grateful for the kindness shown to them by the GWC team whenever we meet them, and they continue to be hopeful that they can be reunited with their mother soon.

With generous donations from around the world, Goodwill Caravan provided legal assistance to the siblings and their father to kickstart the proceedings to get Amer and Elham reunited with their mother once again!

The siblings live in Athens, and they continue to receive Goodwill Caravan’s full package of holistic support, from weekly aid distribution items and schooling to free expert legal support with their complex family reunification case. The siblings are growing stronger and more resilient, and, with the support of Goodwill Caravan and our donors, they know they can face any challenge that comes their way. The continue to patiently wait for their mother to join them, and we still need your support to continue working on their legal case.

The story of Amer, Elham and their family is just one of the many families that Goodwill Caravan has helped over the years. By donating, you can help families like theirs find safety, security, and hope for the future.