We would like to share our story with you – the story of how we became refugees.

To begin with, we were citizens of Gaza in Palestine, but because of the continuous war-like conditions and the daily struggle of staying alive, we decided to flee from our country in search of a life in Europe. We wanted to live somewhere where basic human rights are guaranteed. We dreamed of living in peace, free from the threat of war and violent death – such freedom is a mere utopian fantasy in Palestine.  

So, on the 24th of May 2019 we arrived in Greece, on an island named Chios, where we stayed for one year and 8 months. Unfortunately, while we were there, I suffered lots of serious medical issues. I discovered I had breast cancer, a cyst in my back, and also a cyst in my thigh.  

As there was a need for the upper level of sophisticated medical attention, the Greek asylum service allowed us to travel to the mainland in Athens where there were special hospitals, as well as very experienced medical personnel. Thus, in spring 2021 we moved to Athens but as I started having the operations I needed to survive, we still faced other kinds of problems; we didn’t have anywhere to live, so we were left homeless.

Luckily for us, we found some organisations who were really interested in helping and solving refugees’ problems, such as Goodwill Caravan. With their help, we found solutions not only to our extremely serious housing problem, but they also helped us booking appointments with the doctors so I could get the necessary examinations and surgeries at the hospital. They also even helped us in issuing our travel documents. 

In short, this is our refugee story so far. Of course, we would never have chosen to leave our country if there was a basic level of security there. We just wanted to live in peace and to feel safe. We desperately wanted to avoid having to morn more family members, friends and neighbours- as we already had.  

Please give us a chance to live in your friendly and peaceful country, where human rights are guaranteed.  We are sure that we can very easily adjust to this new environment, mingle with other members of this country, respect the rules, customs, and traditions. We are anxiously waiting to be in a position where we can help this society to strive for even more.