Goodwill Caravan is proud to have received the World Peace and Prosperity Foundation Award alongside two of the children that we supported through donations.

November 8 2018

These young siblings from Syria were living in freezing, muddy, swamp like conditions in the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in Calais. The Goodwill Caravan team met the children at the camp in the Winter of 2015. The children cried for help as their mother was too sick to communicate, due to a cardiac episode. “They grabbed my hand and said ‘help our mother please’” explained Hanan, founder of Goodwill Caravan. They were just 6 and 3 at the time.

After legal support, the two children and their mother are now in the safety of a warm home in London. They are attending school and extra tuition to make up for the time they missed while they were living in the camps.

On the 7th of November 2018, their mother proudly sat and watched her two little kids receive an award for bravery at the World Peace and Prosperity Foundation award ceremony, alongside Goodwill Caravan. They have come a long way since 2015, driven always by the hope for a better future.

We support hundreds of unaccompanied children like these brave siblings. We run protection projects in Greece for those left alone and vulnerable, and for some children we do the crucial hard work of releasing them from prison and detention centres when they lose their parents. Our commitment to these children motivates our ongoing work and, with your support, we know that there will be many more hopeful new beginnings, like that of the young siblings who were brave enough to ask for help when their mother couldn’t.